Our programs


The Inter-School Tennis League is a thrilling platform that brings together schools, young athletes, and the exhilarating world of tennis. It's more than just a sports league; it's a celebration of talent, teamwork, and the competitive spirit.


The National Emirati Citizens Tennis Program is a comprehensive initiative launched by Dubai Sports Council in association With the renowned tennis Player Sania Mirza to promote and develop tennis among Emirati citizens. This program aims to foster a love for tennis, identify and nurture young talent, and ultimately enhance the presence of Emirati players on the international tennis stage.

Key components of the program include:

  • Grassroots Development: The program starts by introducing tennis at the grassroots level in schools and communities across the UAE. It provides access to coaching, facilities, and equipment to encourage participation among Emirati youth.
  • Talent Identification: The program includes talent identification and scouting to identify promising young players by organizing Talent Hunts with the potential to excel in tennis. These individuals are then provided with specialized training and support.
  • Coaching and Training: Emirati tennis players will receive high-quality coaching and training classes once they selected from Sania Mirza herself This includes technical, tactical, and physical development to help them compete at the highest levels.
  • Competition and Tournaments: The program organizes local and national tennis tournaments to provide Emirati players with competitive opportunities. This allows them to gain valuable experience and exposure to different playing styles.
  • Scholarships and Sponsorships: Talented players may be eligible for scholarships and sponsorships to support their tennis journey, including opportunities for international training and competition.
  • International Representation: The ultimate goal of the National Emirati Citizens Tennis Program is to have Emirati tennis players represent the UAE at international events, including the Olympics, Grand Slam tournaments, and Davis Cup competitions.

By promoting tennis among Emirati citizens through these initiatives, the DSC aims to not only develop skilled tennis players but also foster a culture of fitness, sportsmanship, and healthy competition within its society. This program plays a crucial role in the broader strategy of the DSC.


The Inter-University Tennis League program is a competitive sporting initiative that will bring together universities and colleges to participate in organized tennis competitions. It is aim to promote tennis as a sport among students, foster intercollegiate camaraderie, and provide a platform for aspiring tennis players to showcase their skills. Typically, universities form teams of players who represent their institution in a series of matches or tournaments against other universities. These events often follow a structured format, with singles and doubles matches, and may include both men's and women's divisions. The Inter-University Tennis League program encourages sportsmanship, teamwork, and healthy competition among students, contributing to a vibrant collegiate sports culture.


"Dubai Open for Tennis Academies League" - a groundbreaking tournament that brings together the finest young tennis talents from across the globe. This premier event is designed exclusively for tennis academies, offering a unique platform for emerging players to showcase their skills, tenacity, and sportsmanship.

Join us in this dynamic event as we unite the spirit of tennis with the vibrancy of Dubai, setting the stage for a competition that will shape the future of the sport. Welcome to a tournament that's more than a game - it's a journey of growth, sportsmanship, and a shared passion for tennis.